How to use your MIG Pliers

Welding MIG Pliers is definitely a handy tool to have in your welding arsenel if you are doing MIG, TIG, or stick welding. It's a multi-purpose tool that fulfills a number of functions that a welder needs. So we compiled a list of functions you can use your MIG pliers for.  

Here are some ways you can use your MIG Welding Pliers

Multi-Functional Use of ALLY Tools and Parts MIG Pliers

Install/Uninstall MIG Torch Nozzles:
Use the large circular jaw section of the plier above the handle.

Use to install and uninstall MIG torch tips Small Circular Clamp:
Use the small circular jaw below the needle nose.

Cut MIG wire to the correct stick-out length:
Use the wire cutter below the small circular clamp.

Draw-out MIG Wire:
Use the teeth on the ends of the needle nose.

Pick-up hot pieces of metal:
Use the needle nose section of the plier.

Clean out splatter from MIG nozzle:
Use the outside of the needle nose or just one section of the needle nose to scrape out splatter from inside the MIG torch nozzle.

Light Hammering:
Use the flat surfaces just below the needle nose for light hammering.

Tighten Soapstone Holder:
Use the MIG pliers to retighten your Round and Flat Soapstone Holder.


Please note that just like any set pliers, you can use your MIG pliers in a number of different ways. We just listed the most common applications for welding. Enjoy!


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ALLY Tools Professional Multi-Functional MIG Pliers on

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