How to use your Triple Flint Striker

Triple Flint Striker Action

Using a Triple Flint Striker can be quite confusing for people who are just learning welding for the first time or never used a flint striker before. So here's some handy tips!

Question 1: What is the best technique to create the best sparks from the flint striker?

For best results, use your index finger to apply slight downward pressure on the metal groove to push the flint into cylindrical file. It is a two axis force not a flat push. Of course too much downward pressure will jam the flint. Too much pressure will also slow down the movement for a spark to occur. 

Follow the image below for step to step instructions. 

How to create sparks on your Triple Flint Striker

Repeat Step 1 to 3 until you are rapidly to create more sparks.

Question 2: What are some safety recommendations for using with the Triple Flint Lighter?

When using the Triple Flint Striker, please wear proper eye protection such as a welding helmet or safety goggles. Please keep loose articles of clothing away when sparking the flint lighter. To avoid excessive sparks flying, squeeze the flint lighter with less force.


Question 3: How do you replace your flints on the flint striker?


As part of your purchase of our Triple Flint Striker, we include a total of 9 triple flints. Each flint replacement is a rotatable triangle that has a trio of flints.  Just follow the steps outline in the image below to change and replace a triangle flint. 


1) Detach the trple flint triangle from the cylindrical file. 

2) Unscrew the bolt holding the triple flint triangle.

3) Replace the old triple flint triangle with a new triangle or rotate the triple flint triangle to a new unused flint. 

4) Tightly rescrew the triple flint triangle. 

Replacing flints on Triple Flint Striker


Question 4: Are ALLY Tools and Parts Triple Flint Replacements compatible with other brand of flint strikers?


Yes! Our striker flints are compatible with any other brands of triple flint strikers such as Shurlite, Lincoln, and Forney. So feel free to purchase our replacement striker flints for your existing triple flint striker. 


ALLY Tools Triple Flint Striker with Nine Triple Flint Replacement Kit on

ALLY Tools Triple Flint Striker with Nine Triple Flint Replacement Kit on


ALLY Tools 12pc Triple Flint Replacement on

ALLY Tools 12pc Triple Flint Replacement on


Triple Striker Flints with Tripl Flint Striker


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