How to use your Tip Cleaner

Carburetor Tip Cleaner in Action

In this guide we answered many common questions we get regarding using Oxy-Acetylene Tip Cleaners. This guide is great for beginners and advance welding trademen alike. 

Question 1: What is the recommended process to using an oxygen-acetylene tip cleaner?

It’s recommended to start with a smaller cleaning wire than the orifices/tips itself. Use the smaller wire on all orifices/holes to knock out any carbon. Then continue to move up one wire size at a time and repeat the first step. Repeat all the steps until you find a wire that cannot fit inside the orifice/tip.

Tip Cleaner Size Chart

Here at ALLY Tools and Parts, we made this handy reference guide on what the relationship between Drill Size / Wire Gauge to Wire Diameter and Ridge Diameter.

Question 2: After using the Tip Cleaner to braze the nozzle, do I still need to clean it out?

Yes, when brazing your welding torch tip remember to clean it out to ensure maximum performance of your welding torch. This is a very crucial step!

Tip Cleaner Wires

Question 3: What should I use the flat file for?

Use the flat file to remove any burrs of carbon that may have built up on top of your tip/nozzle.


ALLY Tools Large and Small Tip Cleaner Set on

ALLY Tools Large and Small Tip Cleaner Set on

Welding Tip Cleaner File

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