How to use a Round and Flat Soapstone Holder

Round Soapstone Holder and Flat Soapstone Holder Action

Here at ALLY Tools and Parts we get a number of questions about the best practices on how to maintain and use our soapstone holders. So we decided to make a little guide to help our customers.  

Questions 1: For the Round Soapstone Holder, what is the best way to further tighten the soapstone in the holder?

Overtime you may notice that your round soapstone holder in your round soapstone holder kit may not securely tighten the round soapstone chalk as it use to. There's a simple solution to this. You will need to slightly bend the four metal flaps on the holder that tightly holds the soapstone.

How to tighten a Round Soapstone Holder

Step 1: Get a needle nose pliers (MIG pliers would work). Take out the soapstone from the holder. You may use an Allan key and insert it from the back side to remove the soapstone from the holder.

Step 2: Use the pliers and gently squeeze the metal flaps inwards.

Step 3: Insert the soapstone from the front of the holder.

Step 4: Put the blue cap and metal collar back on the holder. If not tight enough, remove the soapstone and repeat step 2 again. 


Question 2: For the Flat Soapstone Holder, what is the best way to redue the amount of play / tighten the soapstone in the Flat Soapstone Holder?

To reduce the play / increase the tension of the soapstone holder from your flat soapstone holder kit, please follow these three steps outlined in the image below

How to tighten a flat soapstone holder

Step 1) To reduce the amount of play on the flat soapstone holder, first take out the flat soapstone.

Step 2) Then get a pair of MIG pliers and slightly squeeze the pliers together at the center and end of the holder.

Step 3) Continue to slightly squeeze the holder with the pliers to the desired tension. Be careful not to over squeeze the holder.

Question 3: How to make a more accurate marking with the Soapstone Holder?

For a more accurate-precise marking, you can sharpen the soapstone by sanding off one side of the soapstone with a worn out abrasive such as a grinding wheel or an old sharpening file.


Question 4: My Soapstone Holder makes great markings for welding metal but I want to make permanent markings as well. What can I do?

You can use a center punch to permanently make marks on the metal once you are happy with the markings you made with the Flat Soapstone Holder.

Question 5: Overtime, I noticed the locking mechanism on the flat soapstone holder is losing tension. How can I fix this?

Pull out the the locking tension out of the holder. Use a disposable ear plug and squeeze it inside the lever. The disposable ear plug will provide tension to the locking mechanism.

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