Round Soapstone Holder with 7 Soapston Pencils
Round Soapstone Holder with 7 Soapston Pencils
Round Welding Soapstone Marker
How to tighten Round Soapstone Holder
Round Soapstone Holder with 7 Soapston Pencils in Action
Round Soapstone Holder with 7 Soapston Chalk on Checkered Metal
Soapstone Welding Chalk close up
Welding Soapstone Holder with Welders Soapstone Chalk Features
Welders Soapstone Holder and Soapstone Welding Chalk on Sheet Metal

ALLY Tools Round Soapstone Holder with 7 Round Soapstone Pens for Welding

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ALLY Tools Round Soapstone Holder with 7 Round Professional Quality Soapstone Pens


The IDEAL Tool for Precision Marking

ALLY Tools and Part’s Round Soapstone Holder with Seven Soapstone Pencils are excellent for your marking needs. It is perfect for Welding, Metal Fabrication and Construction applications. Our welding soapstone will not contaminate your weld or damage metal surfaces. It is ideal for marking steel, iron, textile and aluminum. 

Quality Holder
Using our Round Soapstone Holder prevents soapstone chalk breakage and ensures accurate marks. The threaded tightening collar allows for full use of each soapstone refill and securely locks soapstone in place. Soapstone slides easily on the holder for retracting and extending the soapstone to desire length.

Quality Soapstone
Soapstone refills are made of natural white soapstone. They are uniform in texture and size. Will not contaminate welds and easy to wipe off when desired. It is an excellent welding soapstone chalk for your marking needs. 

Convenient and Easy to Use
Our soapstone holder features a pocket clip for easy carrying and storage. The textured tightening collar ensures a secure grip when making markings. PERFECT with the use of gloves. Start your welding project today!

Excellent Value!

Each Purchase Includes Seven (7) Soapstone Pen Refills. 

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